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(All tours are booked via Airbnb Experience. However you can contact me if you prefer to book the tour directly).

Lawrence waiting for his guest in Harlem


Tuesday - Saturday (only)

Time: 2:00 pm - 4:30 pm

Hours: 2.5 Hours

Start of Tour: 85 E. 125th St.
the Ginjan Cafe

End of Tour:
The Apollo Theatre

Price per Person: $55.00

Group Rate: $350 (10 or more)

Private Tour: $350.00

     Join us on a unique and soulful walking adventure through Central Harlem, the Heart, and Soul of the Harlem Renaissance and the Civil Rights movement in America.
     Our journey will start with a unique bird's-eye view of 125th Street facing west, offering a sneak peek at the places we will explore. Along the way, we'll visit the former homes of Harlem Renaissance luminaries such as Langston Hughes, Madam C.J. Walker, James W. Johnson, etc. On this 10,000-step stroll, we'll encounter several Harlem murals that capture the essence of its glorious past. We'll also visit significant locations, such as where Martin Luther King Jr. spoke, nearly lost his life and was hospitalized. Notably, we'll see the Harlem Jazz Museum (open Thurs-Sat only) and the Schomburg Library for African Studies (open Tues-Sat), where we'll witness a mosaic cosmogram housing Langston Hughes' ashes.

     To cap off our adventure, we'll walk on Harlem's "Walk of Fame" and admire monuments of Civil Rights pioneers, including the iconic Sylvia's Restaurant, named after the "Queen of Soul Food," Sylvia Woods. I'm eager to meet you and your guests for this unforgettable experience.

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