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This Is My Story - Lawrence L. Henderson Jr.


     Hello, I am Lawrence "Larry" Henderson,  a licensed tour guide in New York City. I have offered tours through Airbnb Experiences for the past four years, focusing on African American history. I have also given presentations on this topic in various settings, including corporate offices, schools, landmark preservation societies, and other community organizations.
     Over the years, I have led over 600 tours, with Harlem being the most popular. My Downtown tour of Lower Manhattan was my initial tour, and it's still going strong. In addition to guiding tours, I have self-published a book titled "You Are Here - A Geographic History of Enslaved and Free Africans in Manhattan: 1613 - 1865." The book aims to bring African American history to life by retracing the footsteps of our ancestors on the streets of New York.
     As a New Yorker born in Harlem, raised on the Lower East Side, and having lived in all five boroughs, I have a unique perspective on the city and its culture. My diverse background, which includes working as a paralegal for 20 years, working as a correction officer on Rikers Island, being an Army veteran who lived in Germany for two years, working as a professional event photographer, volunteering as a photographer for Habitat for Humanity, and being a former minister during my young adult life, has given me valuable insights into New York City.
     After exploring various career paths, I have found my true passion in leading Black History tours in the city. I love New York City and am excited to share my knowledge and passion for its history and culture with others.
      I was recently featured in this YouTube Video that has over 55K views:


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